‘Lean In’: Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Explains What’s Holding Women Back

I read the article.
I have not yet read the book.
I always find myself getting more enthralled with the comments/arguments from an article than the article itself.

I, like most assuming intelligent people, have the best ideas right as I’m winding down and getting to bed. Thankfully the computer was still on.

I must add that there are 2 reasons and 2 reasons alone for why I am a programmer in the IT field.
1. I played with websites as a teenager. They were fun because I understood it quickly.
2. I was given the impression, socially conditioned to think, and at times told that I didn’t belong in a male dominated field; that I should raise family. “Don’t abandon your children.”

One commenter, that shall remain nameless, but will be easy to figure out if you read enough comments, wanted to blame women for their own inequality. “Whining women” choose you own destinies and many other negative “It’s your own fault. I had the hardest life. I’m not a CEO cuz of my own choices. I could’ve been if I wanted to” … That’s true to an extent, but to completely dismiss the fact that there is still inequality is just ignorant. Most stereotypes continue because women willingly exploit them and thrive in them, but thankfully that seems to become less and less as time goes on.

Inequality has greatly changed in just the last few years, let alone decades and even centuries for both genders.
This person insinuates that just because they had a hard life, everyone else should to. The beginnings of gender equality started with women like Susan B. Anythony who said something like, ‘I’ll never see equality in my life time, but I hope my granddaughters get to experience it’, and she worked her whole life into her 80s towards something that she knew she’d never get to be a part of. For some commenter who is only halfway through their life in this era to be so bitter about girls now having more chances/opportunities is just absurd.
This society is in no way where it should be in reference to gender equality on both sides, but don’t be blind and dismiss truth because of bitterness.