Fun with Food

I made soup for my first time one night, just because..
It’s filling and usually lower in crap than other foods.

my first day of soup
heat olive oil in largest pan with lid I have.
Throw in diced onion and garlic.
Add lots of carrot and celery, cook until soft
Add seasoning, i used parsley, paprika and garlic powder, a touch of tumeric, touch of thyme
boil separate veggie noodles with salt
pour can of condensed low sodium chicken broth to pan of fried veggies.
drain noodles and combine, simmer for at least 10 min, up to 40 min

2nd day of soup
start boiling small fingerling potatos w/ salt
fry onion garlic shallot in olive oil in largest pan with lid I have
add lots of carrot celery
had left-over grilled corn on cob in fridge, cut off kernals and threw them in
add some frozen chopped spinach
add marjaram, parsley, paprika, touch of tumeric, touch of oregano
cut boiled potatoes into bit size pieces
add vegetable broth and potatoes
simmer for 30min