Too many things at once

I’ve become complacent and I’m annoyed with it. I’ve been trying to find a new style of art to experiment with or a new language to learn.
I find myself just falling back to crafts which lack the need to really think. It’s comfortable, but boring.
So, I started gardening and started up the url as a plant related collection of thoughts, experiments, failures, and success stories.
I didn’t get very far before summer burnt me out. The desert sun is unforgiving.

I started making purses because unlike hats, I don’t have to worry about a purse perfectly fitting someone’s head. I’ve had trouble selling hats online, because understandably people are hesitant to purchase something that might not fit and have to pay the shipping.

Then just 2 weeks later, my father says he’s opening up an antique and craft shop in our home town of Ambridge, PA. I get a new project to work on,, as well as crafts to make and send to sell in the shop. This is really exciting. My creations sell much better in person when people can see the quality of the item first hand.

On top of these things, I’ve been trying to do too many other things at once, because it’s been too long since I’ve accomplished something big. I’ve already reached all of my goals and it’s leaving me feeling a little lost and empty. I’m trying to learn Ruby, Linux, Software templating, Spanish, networking, and a few other things all at the same time, which really just leaves me with getting nothing accomplished. So truly the next task is to figure out which one thing I can solely focus on for awhile until I can get over that hump of noobery.