Felted Bowls

Oh the anticipation of these! A coworker told me to make these and showed me a pinterest post about them. They must be 100% wool or animal fiber, crocheted like a hat, and then washed in hot water with soap.

I used Perm-Press setting on Delicate-Heavy on my washing machine. Hot water and a little soap will agitate the fabric enough that it becomes matted. You will not see the stitches when it’s done.  While still wet, I shaped them and waited overnight for them to dry. I still have to ‘shave them’.

Expensive material and very time consuming with the washing process, but it’s a really cute project. Pictures coming soon!

I bought 3 skeins in different colors and crocheted them all into bowls first and then washed them all at once. This took days of crocheting to not know how they’d turn out.  The anticipation was worth it!