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Finished Felted Bowls

A coworker asked me to make these for her. She didn’t buy them all so I have some left.


To make felted bowls, you must first buy 100% wool or animal fiber. It’s more expensive than the synthetic or acrylic yarns, but it is a necessity.

Crochet it like a hat. It’s easiest to use the crown first method making the circle that increases until you achieve the desired width. This way you can create a flat bottom to help the bowl hold its shape.

IMG_7444 IMG_7448


Then wash in hot water with soap. I used Perm-Press setting on Delicate-Heavy on my washing machine. Hot water and a little soap will agitate the fabric enough that it becomes matted. You will barely be able to see the stitches when it’s done.  While still wet, I shaped them and waited overnight for them to dry.

IMG_7473 IMG_7467 IMG_7464

Now shave them! Remove the excess fuzz. I used simple neck trimmers. Don’t worry the fuzz shouldn’t stick to the clippers when you’re done unless you’ve just oiled them. At least, I didn’t have any problem with the fuzz remaining in the tool.

Expensive material and very time consuming with the washing process, but it’s a really cute project.

I bought 3 skeins in different colors and crocheted them all into bowls first and then washed them all at once. This took days of crocheting to not know how they’d turn out.  The anticipation was worth it!



I sell them at $6-$15 each.

They are stackable as the first picture indicates. Contact me at rf@dezignstyler .com if interested or leave me a message on