Crocodile Stitch Backpack

Crocodile Bag

After seeing a random picture on facebook, I decided to put my own twist on a fun looking project.

I sell them for $110. If interested in purchasing, see my facebook page and contact me. My Etsy page is dezignstyler. I don’t always have items listed so it’s periodically disabled.

Crocodile Stitch Backpack

The first bag took about 2 weeks. The second took about 1 week. I don’t think I can complete it faster than this. It’s a very time consuming project even if power stitching.



I added two full length straps to wear as a backpack and a cream colored drawstring for cinching the bag shut. I used a predyed multicolored yarn so that I didn’t have to keep changing colors.

The top flap takes a few hours by itself, starting with a circle and finishing off with a half circle design and improvising the straight edge before fastening it to the bag. I make the flap and straps last and attach them.


The Crocodile Stitch is very fun. Just do a simple search on Youtube to learn how. There’s lots of videos out there.


I made my first purse with camouflage yarn and forgot to take pictures before I sent it off to my dad’s antique/craft store. I guess I’ll just need to make another!